Ford F-150 Aquapel Treatment During a Basalt Trade Show

A customer of ours came in to have an Aquapel windshield application done on his Ford F-150. The application only takes about half an hour, but the results are amazing.
Aquapel is a glass treatment product that repels water, ice, and dirt by completely sealing the windshield with its patented formula. One application will last up to six months under normal conditions. It bonds to the windshield instead of just creating a thin layer of protection like other products. This unique feature allows for normal windshield cleaning without removing the Aquapel.
On Aquapel-treated windshields water drops instantly bead up and run off vastly improving visibility in rain. The unique formula continues to protect the windshield from dirt and debris, and always dries spot-free.

Application on a Ford F-150

Below is a step by step workflow of how our technician applied Aquapel on this Fort F 150 truck windshield:

  • Our technician extends the wiper arms out to prepare the windshield for cleaning. He thoroughly cleans the windshield to remove dirt, bugs, and any other debris on the windshield. The technician will also check the windshield several times to make sure that the entire surface is free of any dirt or debris. It is essential that the windshield is perfectly clean before the Aquapel application.
  • Next, the technician applies Aquapel to the driver’s side of the windshield. Since the F-150 has a large windshield, doing half first will prevent premature drying. He does a thorough up and down, and side to side motion to assure full coverage of the windshield.
  • The technician then thoroughly coats the driver’s side of the windshield with Aquapel. After that he carefully polishes the drivers side with a special microfiber cloth to make sure the Aquapel layer is completely dry.
  • Then the technician moves on to the passenger side of the windshield to carefully apply the Aquapel paste. He uses the same up and down, side to side motion to assure complete coverage of the entire windshield surface.
  • He then polishes up the passenger side of the windshield with a microfiber cloth until the Aquapel paste is completely dry.
  • After the entire windshield surface has dried up, it is safe for the wipers to go down, and the aplication of the Aquapel paste is complete.

Our technician was able to apply the Aquapel quickly and correctly. Having a professional perform the Aquapel application will assure proper installation throughout the entire windshield surface, and it will last much longer.

As you can see from the images below, using a solid ladder helps technicians to not touch the Aquapel surface with their clothes, and this also helps not to damage the paint. There is no climbing and reaching over the vehicle here. It is such attention to detail that sets us apart from the rest.