Keep a Clean Windshield & Avoid Glaring: Aquapel Glass Treatment

In several previous posts we talked about the crucial role a windshield has for vehicle safety, and safe driving in general. Today, as is only to be expected, let’s talk about the issue of heavy snow or rain, and how that affects your driving experience. Also, for night driving, we will touch on the problem of glaring which is especially a challenge for people with glasses.

Aquapel repells water and dirt, prevents glaring
Two months after application and Aquapel still works flawlessly
  • Have you ever found yourself driving at night and the glare from other car headlights blind you?
  • Have you ever wished that your car wipers worked just a bit faster during heavy rain?
  • Do you have problems with snow pileups on your car windshield?

Glaring, heavy rainfall and snow buildup are among the most annoying situations we face almost daily. Research shows that under heavy rain and snow, visibility significantly drops. Things get even worse at night. Thankfully, there is a solution to combat all three.

What does Aquapel Do?

Unlike many wax based water repellants, the Aquapel Glass Treatment System is a Fluoropolymer, which forms a strong, water-resistant bond with the glass surface. This means that the Aquapel solution will last a lot longer, up to 6 time longer than any other wax based water repellant solution, and makes driving a lot easier:

  • prevents raindrops from sticking on the windshield
  • prevents snow from bonding on the glass surface
  • minimizes glaring from sun and headlights
  • Reduces windshield streaking.

Take a look at the dramatic difference Aquapel makes in keeping your windshield clean, and helping you drive safely:

The Harvard Nanoscale Systems lab analyzed the Aquapel solution and concluded that it is insolvable in water, and is resistant to temperature. This means that you can wash your vehicle even with windshield cleaning solutions and the Aquapel system will remain firmly attached onto the glass surface. In fact, it helps cleaning the glass further:

  • Makes it easier to clear ice, snow, and even dirt and bugs.
  • Helps reduce water marks and salt water residue.
  • Lasts for months in normal driving conditions.

The University of Michigain did a study to see how the Aquapel System helps to improve visibility during heavy rain and snow, as well as its positive effects on glaring. Using complex measurement systems the scientists discovered that the combined effects of water repellant and anti-glaring properties account for a 100% improvement in visibility when driving at night during heavy rainfall.

The High Tone Auto Body team is very experienced in Aquapel Application services, and our clients in the Aspen-Snowmass area say that we are excellent at customer care and high level of service.

Experts say that everybody who has Aquapel applied to their car windshield has a safer driving experience: there is no glaring, no snow pileups, and any water or dirt just rolls off the windshield. Vehicles with Aquapel have 32% better chances to aviod a car crash than vehicles without Aquapel.

Here are some quotes from people who now have Aquapel applied to their vehicle windshields:

Aquapel 2 months later and still working great for today’s wintry weather. This should be standard on all motorvehicles.

I applied it about 6-8 weeks ago and I was driving in the rain yesterday without my wipers (except when going under 45mph). The slope of the Civic windshield helps, too.

It never really wears away entirely it seems. Over time it becomes less and less effective (for example the water beads get larger), however, it keeps on going! Also as it gets older if the glass is dirty and you clean it or swipe the wipers over it to clean the glass, it restores the effectiveness a good bit. I’ve had it on for a while now, it’s still working pretty well!