Clean Headlights A Must For Safe Driving

Clean headlights are one of the most important elements for safe driving any time of year. A professional headlight polishing service is one low-cost step you can take to ensure safe driving during the long winter season.

There are plenty of car repair shops and auto body shops in the Aspen area that offer headlight polishing services, but here at High Tone Auto Body, we offer you our two decades of hands-on experience in body work and headlight polishing services.

Why do car headlights dim?

Headlights lens are made of plastic that fades and in time loses its transparency. UV radiation from the sun, magnesium chloride and adverse road conditions all add up to this headlight dimming. The longer you have your vehicle, the more the headlights quality deteriorates:

  • headlights brightness fades,
  • headlights lens turn yellow
  • headlights plastic gets pitted with time
  • scratches and dents appear on the headlight

Professional Headlight Cleaning

The Aspen area is well known for its heavy winter and driving on snowy roads can be quite dangerous. In such conditions on the road, clean headlights is of crucial  importance. Dimmed headlights lose luminosity and make driving much harder. Getting a professional headlights polishing is a lot more than refreshing the looks of your car:

  • clean headlights drastically improve the driving safety
  • professional headlights restoration results in like-new lights efficiency
  • proper headlights cleaning increases durability of the lights

Although there are many do-it-yourself headlight polishing kits, there is a lot more to headlight polishing than having the polishing kit. The technical, auto body repair know-how is a lot more important than the kit itself. Some of the dangers of DIY headlight polishing kits are:

  • scratching up the paint of the hood and sides
  • scratching or damaging the front bumper
  • making new scratches and dents on the headlight
  • dimming the headlights even more because of poor polishing procedure

In these cases, the DIY polishing adventure can result in hundreds of dollars of paint repairs and badly damaged headlights.


Why Use High Tone Auto Body Headlights Polishing Services?

Our auto body shop has highly skilled auto body technicians that have certificates and years of experience that cannot be replaced by any kit, no matter how well it’s being advertized. Thanks to this training and head light polishing experience, you get top-of-the-line headlight restoration for a safe driving experience and:

  • great looking clean headlights
  • Like-new, over 95% headlights brightness after headlights restoration

Below is a short photo gallery of a Toyota SUV getting a professional headlights polishing.