What Causes Clear Coat Peeling & How To Repair It

Most vehicles have a base color coat that is covered with a clear coat of paint over it. The clear coat is the layer that is directly exposed to harmful and damaging conditions like:

  • Age of the vehicle’s paint job
  • Aspen’s cold winters
  • Ultra violet rays of the sun
  • Irregular car washing and waxing
clear coat peeling from UV radiation
Clear Coat Peeling: Damage Done By UV Radiation And Rock Chips

How Cold Weather Damages the Clear Coat

Cities like Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, Snowmass get cold winters with heavy snow. Cold weather and salt on our roads eat over the clear coat so the color coat is exposed and gets damaged over time. This is why regular waxing is required especially at the beginning of winter in order to protect your vehicle paint and prevent damage such as clear coat peeling from ever happening.

Sun radiation and clear coat damage

UV rays cause the clear coat to dry out or become oxidized. Dry clear coat begins to flake and peel, showing white flaky areas where the coat is peeling. In most cases the base color paint is not damaged but to prevent further damage, you should get your vehicle in for clear coat repair as soon as you notice flaking.

Why should you repair the clear coat as soon as possible?

If the clear coat peels out and the paint layer is damaged, your vehicle will need a complete paint rework which is an expensive process. Fixing clear coat damage at an earlier stage will not only save your money but also time and frustration. Also, the clear coat offers added rust protection which makes clear coat not only a cosmetic but a structural part of your vehicle.

DIY Clear Coat Repair or Professional Service?

One danger here is that people opt for Do-It-Yourself Clear Coat Repair Packs and end up doing more harm than good. Repairing the clear coat is a precise technical process and only a skilled technician can perform a solid clear coat repair job.

professional clear coat repair is a precise process
Professional Clear Coat Repair: Scientific Preciseness In Measuring The Needed Chemicals

By bringing your damaged vehicle here at High Tone Auto Body you can rest assured that it will get a high-end auto bodywork and detailing with a satisfaction guaranteed. Our technicians will also give you key info you need to know about the clear coat and how to go about washing/waxing your vehicle after the clear coat repair.

Professional Clear Bra Installation

With four seasons in Colorado your vehicle is exposed to the elements year-round. Clear bra protection films can help prevent rock chips and scratches to your paint. It will also minimize any rust from starting on you hood due to rock chips and help prevent tree sap from staining your paint. Clear bra’s do not prevent dents.

Do I Really Need Clear Bra?

If you are a car driver for at least a year in the Aspen-Basalt area, you know that our roads are the best and most reliable source of rock chips and dents. Not that anybody would want them, but it’s quite inevitable: you drive behind a car and keep your distance, but somehow, those small sharp-edged rocks end up scratching your front bumper and hood. No matter how careful a driver you are, it doesn’t take much to get that perfect paint job ruined.

So if you ever wonder if you really need clear bra protection film installation on your car, here are just a handful of benefits, see if you’d want any of them:

  • Rock Chip Protection, keep your front bumper and hood scratch-free
  • Sun Protection, protect your hood from sun discolorations
  • Stains Protection, save your car from tar and sap stains
  • Scratches and Dents protection
  • UV Protection

If you find yourself wanting protection from at least one of the listed car hazards, your car needs clear bra installation.

Clear Bra, Clear Benefits

Clear bra is a Polyurethane durable plastic film that is mechanically very tough and completely transparent, so you won’t even see it. This is the best of two worlds: the best rock chip protection AND untainted (literally) car beauty:

  • Fastest and Easiest way to protect your car paint
  • Invisible, does not hide the car’s great looks
  • Long lasting and rugged protection

Why Use Professional Clear Bra Installation

There are many clear bra kits on the market that you can buy and install yourself. However, work experience is crucial for a successful and aesthetically pleasing car project of any kind. Experienced and trained technicians assure that your vehicle will get the best treatment possible in the Roaring Fork Valley:

  • Professional clear bra installation for perfect looks
  • Warranty on the Clear Bra installation
  • Same-day clear bra installation

Here’s one of the clear bra installation projects we did on a vehicle that required special attention (front bumper had to be removed for proper clear bra installation):

Clean Headlights A Must For Safe Driving

Clean headlights are one of the most important elements for safe driving any time of year. A professional headlight polishing service is one low-cost step you can take to ensure safe driving during the long winter season.

There are plenty of car repair shops and auto body shops in the Aspen area that offer headlight polishing services, but here at High Tone Auto Body, we offer you our two decades of hands-on experience in body work and headlight polishing services.

Why do car headlights dim?

Headlights lens are made of plastic that fades and in time loses its transparency. UV radiation from the sun, magnesium chloride and adverse road conditions all add up to this headlight dimming. The longer you have your vehicle, the more the headlights quality deteriorates:

  • headlights brightness fades,
  • headlights lens turn yellow
  • headlights plastic gets pitted with time
  • scratches and dents appear on the headlight

Professional Headlight Cleaning

The Aspen area is well known for its heavy winter and driving on snowy roads can be quite dangerous. In such conditions on the road, clean headlights is of crucial  importance. Dimmed headlights lose luminosity and make driving much harder. Getting a professional headlights polishing is a lot more than refreshing the looks of your car:

  • clean headlights drastically improve the driving safety
  • professional headlights restoration results in like-new lights efficiency
  • proper headlights cleaning increases durability of the lights

Although there are many do-it-yourself headlight polishing kits, there is a lot more to headlight polishing than having the polishing kit. The technical, auto body repair know-how is a lot more important than the kit itself. Some of the dangers of DIY headlight polishing kits are:

  • scratching up the paint of the hood and sides
  • scratching or damaging the front bumper
  • making new scratches and dents on the headlight
  • dimming the headlights even more because of poor polishing procedure

In these cases, the DIY polishing adventure can result in hundreds of dollars of paint repairs and badly damaged headlights.


Why Use High Tone Auto Body Headlights Polishing Services?

Our auto body shop has highly skilled auto body technicians that have certificates and years of experience that cannot be replaced by any kit, no matter how well it’s being advertized. Thanks to this training and head light polishing experience, you get top-of-the-line headlight restoration for a safe driving experience and:

  • great looking clean headlights
  • Like-new, over 95% headlights brightness after headlights restoration

Below is a short photo gallery of a Toyota SUV getting a professional headlights polishing.


Head Lamp Polish at High Tone Auto Body

As your vehicle ages so do the plastics that your head lamps are made of. Head lamps are exposed to UV radiation from the sun, magnesium chloride and adverse road conditions. Head lamps fade, yellow and get pitted with time, which can impair visibility and be a safety issue for you. To help improve visibility we offer head lamp polishing. Please come by the shop and see if this is an option for your vehicle and your visibility!


Cleaning and Detailing Services in Basalt, CO at High Tone Auto Body

Keeping your vehicle clean and protected from the elements will help your vehicle maintain a higher retail value and help prevent larger and more costly repairs down the road. We like to provide you with a sparkling clean vehicle because a clean vehicle makes us all feel better!

With each repair we will do a courtesy safety inspection as well as a basic clean up. Each car is hand washed on the outside and hand wiped clean on the inside, no robotics here… just good old fashion elbow grease!

Please ask for our detailing services pricing menu:

  • Interior vehicle cleaning
  • Engine compartment wipe down and inspection
  • Exterior vehicle cleaning
  • Glass treatment and or window cleaning
  • Head lamp polish
  • Paint protection
  • Surface scratches & tree sap
  • Wheel and tire cleaning

Is your dog your passenger? Do you have nose prints obstructing your view? Do you have dog hair flying around? What about food or candy in between your seats? If this is the case you may need our services for an interior cleaning. Call or stop by today!



Our vehicles are exposed to four different seasons here in Colorado. As a result there are many different environmental factors that can affect your vehicle, for example:

In the Spring and Summer a lot of road maintenance takes place as well as re-striping of lanes on the roadways. If you happen to drive through some freshly painted highway paint or tar, look out for it is almost permanent! If you can remove it as soon as possible the effects can be minimized, however, if you are unable to remove it, come by our shop and we can advise or assist you in getting it off.

In addition, we have pollen, sticky cotton seeds from the cotton wood trees, tree sap dripping onto parked cars and our share of dead bugs colliding with our vehicles as we drive. Though these are naturally occurring events, they can sometimes stain your paint. Without proper and immediate attention they can become difficult to remove without damaging the finish of your vehicle.

In the Fall and Winter when our roads have snow or ice on them, they are generally treated with sand, gravel, or lava rock to enhance our safety. However, these products are very abrasive and can cause the paint to chip and with the added salt and or magnesium chloride used as a de-icer, this can cause your vehicle to rust. It is best to wash or have us wash your vehicle often during times of inclement weather.

Interior vehicle cleaning includes:

  • Console(s)
  • Cubby holes
  • Dash
  • Floors, carpets, floor mats
  • Mirrors
  • Seats
  • Steering wheel & column
  • Door panels
  • Trunk/Cargo area
  • Vents
  • Windows

 Exterior treatment:

  • Chrome/Aluminum
  • Door jambs
  • Glass treatment (Aquapel to shed off rain, sleet and bugs more easily)
  • Head lamps
  • Paint
  • Tires
  • Wheels

Under the hood:

  • Battery inspection & clean up
  • Battery test
  • Basic wipe down of run channels and flat surfaces
  • Inspection for rodent damage
  • Removal of dead leave and debris in engine compartment

Paint Treatment:

  • Buff and glaze
  • Color sand and polish
  • Hand wax
  • Paint touch up




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