Insurance and Direct Repair Program (DRP) Information

In Colorado, you have the right to choose your own repair shop, regardless of an insurance company’s recommendation.

Please call us at 970.927.4351 to ask if we are in the Direct Repair Program (DRP) with your insurance company. If we are, you must file the claim with your insurance company and state that you wish to use us for your repairs. The insurance company will send us an assignment electronically with all of your contact information, vehicle information and claim number.

As a participating member with your insurance company, we have certain standards and criteria that we must meet and abide by. Some of these standards and criteria include how the estimate is written including the type of photos taken, what kind of parts are selected (per your insurance company requirements), the repair process, employee training and equipment requirements.

Insurance companies that we are not a participating member with, will sometimes assign the claim to an Independent Appraiser (IA). The IA writes the estimate and e-mails or faxes it to us. We must work off of the IA’s estimate and have all supplemental and final approvals from the IA before releasing the vehicle.

Some insurance companies must write their own estimate, using their Field Adjusters. We welcome the customer to meet the representative at our shop so we may oversee the estimate and take photos to help ensure nothing was missed.

Customers should be aware that their vehicle may be completed but it will not be released until all approvals and verification of funds have been presented to High Tone Auto Body. All customer-pay repairs must provide us with a parts deposit before we order any parts.

Any questions about the insurance process please give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

Contact us or call (970) 927-4351 today for a free estimate.