Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find Frequently Asked Questions grouped by topic so you can quickly find the answers you are looking for!


Q: How many estimates do I need to get?

A: Colorado law only requires one. Your insurance company may recommend one but you may use the shop of your choice.

Q: Do you charge for an estimate?

A: No. Estimates are free.

Q: How much would it cost to repair my vehicle?

A: We must see the vehicle and get information off of the vehicle like VIN, manufacture date, options, and condition of the vehicle to be able to provide an accurate estimate.

Q: Why do I need to bring my vehicle in for an estimate… can’t you just tell me over the phone?

A: Photos are needed for insurance and other documentation, verify textured parts, color, fit, vehicle options, condition, availability, etc. People have different perceptions of what needs repair. Often times there may be hidden damage or damage unseen by the untrained eye. It would be a disservice to the customer to not thoroughly assess the vehicle.

Q: What is needed to have an estimate written?

A: Name of insurance company, claim number, contact person at insurance company, e-mail address so photos may be sent if a non-Direct Repair Program company is used, phone and fax numbers. A signed authorization form is also needed for parts to be ordered and repairs to take place.

Q: How long does it take to write an estimate?

A: It generally takes between 10 and 40 minutes depending on the damage.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment for an estimate?

A: Yes, if possible, this allows the Estimator to give you his full attention and provide an accurate estimate.

Q: Can I drop my vehicle off for the day while you do an estimate?

A: Yes, we must first get some basic customer information from you to write an accurate estimate and know who is paying for repairs.

Q: Will the price of my estimate change?

A: Due to part price changes, hidden damage, freight costs, etc. prices may change.

Q: Do all parts come painted?

A: Very rarely does a part come painted from the factory.


Q: Will my insurance rates go up if I file a claim?

A: Call your insurance agent to learn this information.

Q: What does DRP stand for?

A: Direct Repair Program

Q: Is there a difference between a shop that has a DRP agreement vs a shop that doesn’t?

A: When a shop has a DRP agreement with an insurance company, it generally means that they have met certain criteria mandatory by the insurance company such as: employee training within the body industry, specific equipment requirement, life time warranty on repairs, personnel, etc.


Q: How long will the repairs take for my vehicle?

A: Depending on the size of repair, we can determine the number of labor hours and perform a calculation to determine the approximate number of days needed for repair.

Q: My insurance agent said that you can fix my vehicle right away… when will it be done?

A: We must schedule all vehicles, order parts and have your authorization signed first before repairs begin.

Hours of operation – Drop off/Pick up vehicles

Q: Are you open on the weekends?

A: No, we are open M-F 8-5.

Q: Can I drop my car off after hours or on the weekend?

A: Yes, we have an Early Bird or Overnight drop off box hanging on the side of the building. Please fill out the envelope completely. Sign and put your keys in the envelope. Seal and drop through the mail drop in the door.

Q: Can I pick up my car after hours?

A: Yes, provided it is paid in full. Your keys for afterhours pick up will be placed in a lock box.

Q: Are you related to High Tone Automotive?

A: No, we are two separate businesses but we do overlap in our services list.


Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes, we accept Visa, Master Card or Discover.

Q: Do you accept payments on my deductible?

A: No, your deductible must be paid if full before your vehicle is released.

Q: My estimate is written but I’ve decided not to go through insurance. What do you need from me to proceed?

A: We require a parts deposit on all repairs.


Q: Do you do windshield repair or glass replacement?

A: Yes, We can arrange for our glass vendor to come to our facility and provide this service for you.


Q: Do you do detailing service?

A: Yes, We can detail your vehicle at our hourly rate. Every vehicle is different in terms of size, degree of cleanliness desired etc, it is best to stop by for an estimate.


Q: Who pays for the tow bill?

A: If the vehicle is going through insurance the insurance company will include the tow bill in the total of the estimate. If not the owner of the vehicle is responsible for paying the tow company direct.

Q: Will I be charged storage fees?

A: If your vehicle is repaired at our facility storage charges will be waived if picked up when completed.


Q: How long do I need to wait after a paint job before I can wax my car?

A: Fresh paint must breathe and cure. Even though it has been baked at 140 degrees F, solvents still come out of the paint. Wait at least 90 days.

Q: Can I take my freshly painted car through a car wash?

A: We recommend touch-free commercial car washes or washing by hand using a non-detergent soap.

Q: How do I get tree sap off of my car?

A: Most tree sap is baked on by the sun. Try using hot soapy water. If that doesn’t work, please bring it in so we can inspect it. More than likely we will have to use solvents, color sand and buff the clear coat.

Q: Do you sell touch up paint?

A: Yes, it is a part of our Paint Repair services program.

Q: Do you paint specialty items?

A: Yes, when possible, we must see it first to determine the type of material it is, the condition, the quality of finish you want etc. Please come by with a sample.

Q: Do you do auto restoration work?

A: No.

Q: Do you do complete paint jobs?

A: It depends; we must first see the vehicle and determine its condition.

Rental Cars

Q: Do you have rental cars?

A: No. We work closely with Enterprise Rent-A-Car out of Glenwood Springs and Aspen.

Q: Can you rent a car for me?

A: No, You must rent the car yourself. The rental car company will ask you personal information that we do not have such as your driver’s license, policy number, whether or not you have rental insurance etc.

Q: Do I have to go to Glenwood Springs to get a rental car?

A: No, Enterprise will meet you at the shop but it must be confirmed and scheduled with them.

Q: How much is a rental car?

A: You must call the rental car company. The cost varies depending on the type of car you want, options, your insurance policy and how many days you need it.

Q: How do I know if I can get a rental car?

A: Call your insurance agent and find out if you have rental coverage on your policy.

Q: Must I turn in my rental car right away when my vehicle is complete?

A: Yes, If your vehicle is complete you must turn in the rental vehicle or there may be a chance that you will be paying out of pocket for additional days of rental.


If you have any questions, please leave a comment and we will answer your question and include it in the corresponding category. Thank you for taking the time to review our FAQ page.