Pickup Truck Collision Aftermath: Repairing and repainting a tailgate after a car crash

You may be the best and safest driver in the world and all it takes is a split-second distraction for the driver behind you to slam into your car from the back and cause extensive damage to your vehicle.

This is exactly what happened to a middle-aged man. He stopped his pickup, waiting for a green light when another pickup truck rear ended him. The damage was extensive for both trucks.

Insurance Claim Processing and New Parts Delivery

The cautious driver came to High Tone Auto Body for a complete repair of the tailgate and new rear bumper. The tail lights also needed replacement. While Tanja handled the insurance paper work the technicians in the auto body shop removed the damaged bumper, tail lights and tail gate. We use replacement Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for a seamless fit.

Matching the New Paint To The Original Deep Cherry Red Truck Color

The new tailgate came in with an E-coat, black in color directly from the manufacturer.  The new tailgate was cleaned with wax and grease remover, then sanded, cleaned again with wax and grease remover, then one coat of sealer was applied, followed by three coats of base coat red.  Once the basecoat was flashed off, the protective clear coat was applied twice to ensure the proper millage (thickness) of clear for ultimate UV radiation protection.

The painter weighs out the different components of toners, reducers and additives to come up with the exact color match to the customers vehicle.  Each component is weighed to the gram.  The painter can replicate any shade and color on any car on the market.


mixing the colors for spraying the crashed truck
Adding Component Colors to get the original truck color

Once the paint toners were all measured by the gram on the digital scale, the paint technician mixed with appropriate reducer to make up the matching deep cherry red paint and was ready for spraying the panels.

computer controlled car paint making
Components and base color mixed up to get the desired deep cherry red.

With properly mixed paint and the tail gate inside the downdraft booth, the certified paint technician was ready for base coat application to the tail gate.

painting a crashed car with deep cherry red
Sealer was applied and painter is now putting on application of deep cherry red base
Collision repair truck tailgate repaint
3 coats of deep cherry red base coats, now ready for clear coat

If the base coat paint layers do not get covered with a protective clear coat, the paint will quickly fade away.   Without the clear coat there is no protection from the suns harmful UV rays.  The added benefit of the clear coat is that it gives the paint a mirror like finish that also protects the vehicle from the elements.

Collision repair tailgate clear coat spraying
Spraying the protective clear coat layers
Collision repair Aspen, CO. tailgate painted and ready for installment
2 coats of clear applied, now ready for baking

With the tail gate properly painted and clear coated after being baked, it was ready for installment on the truck. The finished repair took only a couple of days. The insurance covered all the repair expenses and the client left very pleased with the service and quality of work. Since then he referred several other clients for auto body and paint repair services.