Repairing a minor front area damage on a Saab

Have you ever had a situation while pulling in your driveway, and you go one inch too far before making a turn and end up scraping the front left bumper? These minor accidents are very commonplace. They happen while pulling in or out of your garage, in a tight spot at the supermarket, or during parallel parking.

Most of the times, these minor accidents end up causing some damage in the front-right area, usually the bumper, indicator lights and sometimes even the right headlight suffers.

In this case, a silver Saab had this well-known damage: front right bumper and fender damage. As the Saab has the indicator lights embedded in the fender, the right indicator was broken too.

Saab Minor damage on front left bumper and indicator light
Minor damage on front left bumper and indicator light

As you can see on the image below, the Saab damage is not as big as it could have been. None of the body parts are broken or damaged beyond repair. The headlight got away by less than an inch, and the indicator lightbulb is not broken, so there was no electrical damage. This driver got lucky.

Minor damage of front bumper and indicator light
Indicator light broken and fender scratched. Headlight barely survived.

To repair this damage, we replaced the indicaror, did some body work on the bumper and fender, and gave them a fresh coat of paint to restore the looks to the original, pre-accident looks.

minor damage on front fender and indicator light
Front bumper and indicator light repaired, like-new looks

Thanks to our skilled technicians, this repair was done quickly and at minimum cost for the owner. The end result, as you can see from the image above, is flawless.

If you also have a similar problem with your vehicle, and would like to get it properly repaired without spending too much money, give us a call at 970.927.4351