Toyota Tundra Door & Bed Repair

High Tone Auto Body can easily and quickly repair light damage to vehicles.

This late-model Toyota Tundra had some damage to the passenger’s side rear door, cab corner, and extensive damage along the bedside. The paint was scraped off as well as extensive denting of the rear door and bed side during the collision. The good part about this damage is that it didn’t do any heavy damage to the frame or bend the overall structure of the truck at all. This type of damage is what you would refer to cosmetic damage because it ruins the overall eye-appeal of the vehicle, but the vehicle will run and drive normally. This is the most common type of auto body repair that an auto body shop will do.

To start the repair we start with the door and cab damage. This repair is a deep scratch that dented in the panel of the door significantly. To fix this damage we need to sand off the paint and extract the dented areas on the door and bed cab with a special tool. This technique helps us get the auto body work done in such a way that there is almost no need of any filler. Sub-standard auto body repair shops would have filled up the dent with filler, which is not a good way to do auto body work. We at High Tone Auto Body make repairs the proper way.

After the body work on the rear door and cab corner is complete, a technician sands down the surface to make it perfectly smooth and ready for a fresh coat of primer. After the primer has dried out, a few coats of matching paint get the looks the vehicle had before the collision. Finally, a clear coat is the final step. This coat will seal the paint and give the vehicle the sparkling looks it had before the collision. We usually do several coats of clear coat until the finish is perfectly smooth and shiny.

While one team was working on the door and cab corner, another technician worked on the removed truck bed. The expert auto body technician removed the tail light housing and started preparation for the repair. The rest of the bed that was not damaged was masked off so paint overspray and dust don’t end up on the good area.

Our tech started the repair by sanding the entire passenger’s side of the bed. He pulled out the damaged dented area and used almost no filler to smooth out the damaged area. Several sandings with fine grit sandpaper brought the damaged area to a perfectly smooth surface. After the sanding, a coat of primer prepared the surface for the base coat of paint. The base coat of paint was then sealed with several layers of clear coat until we achieved the perfect sparkling finish.

With the damaged parts repaired and painted, a team of technicians assemble everything together and the truck is back in the perfect condition that it was in before the damage occurred.

It takes an extremely talented auto body shop team with experience and formal training to complete a task that requires precision repair like we did on this almost-new vehicle. Everything from proper auto body work without excess use of filler, down to the clear coat spraying is a highly skilled work that we do here at High Tone Auto Body. The owner of this vehicle was extremely pleased with the results.