Pickup Truck Windshield Replacement By The Book

Windshield replacement is a critical fix for your vehicle because the windshield is an integral part of the vehicle safety systems. Performing a windshield replacement by the book, by a certified shop and technicians will ensure that your vehicle can protect your life. Here at High Tone Auto Body we take windshield replacement services very seriously and follow the industry standards.

Why Worry About Windshield Replacement

Driving down our Colorado roads is fun with all the beautiful scenery, but our roads hide a big hazard to our vehicles’ windshields.

It’s very easy to get a rock chip bounce off a windshield and leave a dent, or if it’s a larger rock chip it can even crack the windshield. When the windshield is damaged you have two options:

  • repair the windshield, or
  • opt for a windshield replacement.

In either case, you want a professional to do the repair/replacement. Windshield repair with various dent removal techniques is not a critical job and there are even DIY kits on the market with simple instructions to follow. For small dents this is a solid option. But if the windshield damage is larger than 5 inches (length of a dollar bill) the windshield is due for replacement because this fracture may severely influence the windshield’s ability to handle mechanical loads.

However, windshield replacement is categorically different because this process is actually altering the vehicle’s mechanical rigidity and therefore, altering it’s potential to act as a shield for your life on the road.

The windshield is responsible for almost 20% of the vehicle’s structural integrity. It is an integral part of the car body and is the key factor that keeps roofs from buckling during car accidents.

Proper Pickup Truck Windshield Replacement

Here is a perfect case-study of proper windshield replacement service and we take pride in this because not many repair shops in the Basalt-Aspen area take such good care.

A client drove in with a pickup truck with a cracked windshield that was too damaged to be repaired and the only option was a windshield replacement service. Our technician told the client to come back the next day because proper windshield replacement means leaving the vehicle still for about 10 hours, giving enough time for the glue to chemically react with the primer and stiffen properly.

To ensure proper windshield replacement, or technicians go by the book and follow a carefully outlined windshield replacement procedure:

  1. remove the old windshield
  2. remove all the old glue from the car body (windshield frame)
  3. clean up the adhesion surface and surroundings from any dust, dew or other potential surface contaminants
  4. clean up the new windshield from dust, wrappings or other particles using special glass cleaner (we use SprayWay Glass Cleaner)
  5. prime the adhesion surface of the windshield and frame with special priming solution (or use the BetaSeal U-418 Primerless Urethane Adhesive)
  6. place urethane glue on the windshield frame ensuring continuous thickness of the adhesive (we use BetaSeal Express adhesive)
  7. position the windshield into its car frame without touching the contacting surfaces with bare hands (usually handle with medical thin gloves)
  8. secure the windshield in its position and leave the adhesive to cure for at least 10 hours before vehicle can be driven off.

Positioning the windshield is a crucial step. Trained and certified technicians know that they must not touch the windshield’s inner side where it will be in contact with the glue. Any dirt, dew or other surface contaminants will compromise the integrity of the glue healing process which will in turn compromise the windshield’s ability to properly adhere to the car body.

Once the windshield was properly positioned and secured technicians left the vehicle to sit for at least 10 hours before it was released to the client.


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