Questions To Ask Your Windshield Replacement Service Provider

Replacing windshields is a standardized servicing procedure and is regulated by several certification agencies in the US. But many car repair shops cut corners hard-pressed to service more clients and raise profitability. Here’s a short list of things to ask the repair technicians before you entrust your vehicle for windshield replacement.


Are You A Certified Windshield Replacement Technician?

There are about 11 million windshield replacement procedures in USA every year. But very few of these replacement jobs are done properly and by certified windshield replacement technicians.

As the windshield is responsible for about 20% of the vehicle’s structural integrity, cutting corners or doing a sub-standard windshield replacement job is a serious safety hazard. Proper windshield installment is crucial for reliable airbag functionality because when the airbag goes off, it needs a solid windshield to bounce off and absorb the passenger’s body impact.

Certified windshield replacement technicians know the proper installment procedure as well as all the preparatory steps prior to installing the new windshield. If the repair technician does not follow through all the required preparatory steps the vehicle will have a severely reduced potential to keep passenger safe inside the passenger compartment.


Do You Use All The Right Adhesion Materials?

Car manufacturers rely on precision robots to install windshields in order to avoid any surface contaminants like skin grease or dust particles. When you look for a windshield replacement service, you need to make sure that technicians know what they’re doing and that they use all the proper materials and replacement procedures. We already talked about the replacement procedures, and now it’s time to cover the windshield replacement materials:

  1. Glass cleaner/degreaser that leaves no film on the surface (Sprayway or Betaclean GS-800)
  2. Glass primer (we use Betaprime Clear SA)
  3. Glass urethane glue (eg. Betaseal Express or Betaseal One, depending on the type of windshield eg. with or without on-screen functions)

These three chemical solvents are extremely important and their proper use insures strong adhesion between the new windshield and the auto body. If the repair technician tries to convince you that there’s no need of a glass cleaner/degreaser, or that the urethane glue is enough in itself and there’s no need to use a primer coat, walk away from the shop. Properly installed windshield is your guardian on the road, and you don’t want it installed unprofessionally.

At High Tone Auto Body we take great care to use the right toolset and the right procedures to ensure proper windshield replacement so that your vehicle will be structurally sound and keep you safe on the road.