Trust: The Way We Do Things

Training – Employees attend annual continuing education which is critical to keep apprised of the ever changing automotive industry. Metals used to build todays light weight vehicles now require special equipment to work on them. HTAB has the trained staff to use the latest frame measuring system to accommodate the high tech metals used in today’s vehicles.

Repair – Once the estimate has been written, the technician will read the estimate and disassemble the vehicle to look for any hidden damage, during the discovery process a supplement may be needed in which additional parts and labor may be required for a complete repair. The more complete the estimate the more accurate the repairs and the faster we can return the vehicle back to the customer.

Universal Equipment – Our shop is supplied with up to date and well maintained equipment. As vehicles become more complicated with the increased technology so do the tools and equipment needed to work on them. We have the latest frame and structure equipment on today’s market available to repair the complex vehicles on our streets and roadways.

SOP’s – Standard Operating Procedures are in place for the entire shop and each department. Check lists are used to ensure final quality control.

Trust – Our employees, processes, procedures & equipment help us to help you have a pleasant experience. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your repair, have a question or concern, please call 970-927-4351 or stop by at any time so that we may address the issue immediately. We strive to earn your trust.