Honda CR-V Collision Repair: Rear Bumper, Tailgate & Rear Stop Lights

Collisions in the Aspen-Snowmass-Basalt area are quite common especially during the snow season. Any kind of accident can be stressful for the vehicle owner and it is even more stressful when you cannot find a reliable auto body repair service.
High Tone Auto Body is focused on getting you the best possible auto body repair service and we have served countless clients from Aspen, Snowmass, Carbondale, Basalt etc.
Recently a Honda CRV owner stopped by the shop. The vehicle was in a relatively small collision but the damage wasn’t that small.

As you can see from the images here this Honda CRV had plenty of damage:

  • the roof had some minor bumps and scratches
  • the rear stop light needed replacement
  • rear bumper was broken on one side
  • the tailgate was deformed

Our technicians follow an industry-specific repair workflow to ensure proper auto body repair so the vehicle can be as safe and nice looking as before the collision.
Here, we started by removing the tailgate from the vehicle and our auto body specialists worked on restoring the geometry and look of the back side of the car. After the repairs on the door frame and roof we had the area repainted with a few coats of paint and clear coat.

Bumpers are composite parts, and in this particular case the plastic shielding took most of the impact and was broken. When the plastic shielding is broken we replace the entire bumper because bumpers act as safety buffer zones, protecting people in the vehicle, as well as people around the vehicle (bumpers are designed to cushion pedestrians in case if they are in a car accident). The new bumper also got a coat of paint and a coat of protective clear coat.

The rear stop lights on Honda CR-V’s are positioned relatively high, so the only damaged part was the outer glass. We replaced the rear stop light with a new one and did all the necessary wiring checking to make sure that everything works as it should.

While one team did work on the vehicle itself, another team did the needed body work and paint on the tailgate. With the tailgate repaired, our technicians assembled the Honda CR-V and the owner was quite pleased with the quality of work and timely repair.

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The best ever auto body repair shop: Testimonial from Alaina

Alaina had a car accident and needed a lot of work on her vehicle. As any car crash can be quite stressful, we at High Tone Auto Body are aware that our clients need our car repair skills but they also need our people skills. We worked hard to make Alaina’s car repair process be as painless and stress-less as possible. A few weeks we got her thank you note:



Thank you SO much for all your help with my car fiasco!
I cant thank you enough for making the esperience MUCH better than it could have been. If I ever have car troubles againI’ll come to HIgh Tone and I’ll recomend you to everyone!

Alaina Dodds

Testimonial From Alpine Property Management

Alpine Property from Aspen CO is our client for over 10 years. We helped with their vehicles from the Aspen and Snowmass Village offices, as well as many of their clients’ vehicles.

Here are some of the services we helped Alpine Property throughout the years:


Below is the written testimonial we received via mail.


May 4,2012
Hi Steve,

Thanks, again, for another job well done.
High Tone Auto Body has been providing Alpine Property Management with outstanding service for the past 10 years – it is the reason we continue to bring all of our company and clients’ vehicles to your shop for repairs. We know we can count on High Tone to make the process very easy and simple, while providing excellent work.

Doug Faurer
President, Alpine Property Management Inc.


Collision & Auto Body Repair: The Most Reliable Shop from Aspen to Glenwood

As winter approaches, with all the snow and rain, it gets quite difficult to avoid car collision situations, especially here in Colorado. With all the snow we get in the Basalt-Aspen area, car crashes are quite common. High Tone Auto Body is the friendliest and most reliable collision repair shop in the Aspen-Basalt area. We’re a family-owned business for over 31 years now.

What makes a car repair shop The Best in Aspen-Basalt area

You’ll definitely hear any car repair shop make some of these claims:

  • We repair anything from fender-bender to full-body collision repairs
  • We’re the Top Collision Repair repair shop in Aspen area
  • We are The Best Collision repair shop in Basalt

While many repair shops can handle an auto body repair of a crashed vehicle, very few nowadays dedicate the full, needed attention to properly restore a crashed car to it’s pre-crash condition. Safety regulations are quite precise, and your safety on the road is extremely important. Doing a proper collision repair takes skills, equipment, and most importantly, attention to detail. Unfortunately, it gets more and more difficult to find a repair shop that will dedicate all the needed attention that is needed for a proper repair of a crashed car.

What You Get From Our Auto-Body Repair Services

High Tone Auto Body Inc. is a family owned repair shop for over 31 years, and we take your safety on the road very seriously. Our auto body repair technicians are certified and between them, have decades of hands-on collision repair experience.

Because of our attention to detail, many drivers entrust their vehicles to us. There are numerous examples of people coming from all around, using our reliable car repair services:

  • Aspen
  • Basalt
  • Carbondale
  • Eagle
  • Glenwood Springs
  • New Castle
  • Snowmass etc.

Thanks to our extensive experience and top-of-the-line car repair training, you can rest assured that you will get the best collision repair in the Aspen-Basalt area.

If you had a car accident, regardless if the car only needs a minor bumper repair, or a full body repair after car accident, you can rely on our repair services with your vehicle. You can also rely on us to get help with car crash insurance claims.

Below is just a small sample of auto body repair work we have successfully completed throughout the years: