What Causes Clear Coat Peeling & How To Repair It

Most vehicles have a base color coat that is covered with a clear coat of paint over it. The clear coat is the layer that is directly exposed to harmful and damaging conditions like:

  • Age of the vehicle’s paint job
  • Aspen’s cold winters
  • Ultra violet rays of the sun
  • Irregular car washing and waxing
clear coat peeling from UV radiation
Clear Coat Peeling: Damage Done By UV Radiation And Rock Chips

How Cold Weather Damages the Clear Coat

Cities like Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, Snowmass get cold winters with heavy snow. Cold weather and salt on our roads eat over the clear coat so the color coat is exposed and gets damaged over time. This is why regular waxing is required especially at the beginning of winter in order to protect your vehicle paint and prevent damage such as clear coat peeling from ever happening.

Sun radiation and clear coat damage

UV rays cause the clear coat to dry out or become oxidized. Dry clear coat begins to flake and peel, showing white flaky areas where the coat is peeling. In most cases the base color paint is not damaged but to prevent further damage, you should get your vehicle in for clear coat repair as soon as you notice flaking.

Why should you repair the clear coat as soon as possible?

If the clear coat peels out and the paint layer is damaged, your vehicle will need a complete paint rework which is an expensive process. Fixing clear coat damage at an earlier stage will not only save your money but also time and frustration. Also, the clear coat offers added rust protection which makes clear coat not only a cosmetic but a structural part of your vehicle.

DIY Clear Coat Repair or Professional Service?

One danger here is that people opt for Do-It-Yourself Clear Coat Repair Packs and end up doing more harm than good. Repairing the clear coat is a precise technical process and only a skilled technician can perform a solid clear coat repair job.

professional clear coat repair is a precise process
Professional Clear Coat Repair: Scientific Preciseness In Measuring The Needed Chemicals

By bringing your damaged vehicle here at High Tone Auto Body you can rest assured that it will get a high-end auto bodywork and detailing with a satisfaction guaranteed. Our technicians will also give you key info you need to know about the clear coat and how to go about washing/waxing your vehicle after the clear coat repair.