Testimonial From Alpine Property Management

Alpine Property from Aspen CO is our client for over 10 years. We helped with their vehicles from the Aspen and Snowmass Village offices, as well as many of their clients’ vehicles.

Here are some of the services we helped Alpine Property throughout the years:


Below is the written testimonial we received via mail.


May 4,2012
Hi Steve,

Thanks, again, for another job well done.
High Tone Auto Body has been providing Alpine Property Management with outstanding service for the past 10 years – it is the reason we continue to bring all of our company and clients’ vehicles to your shop for repairs. We know we can count on High Tone to make the process very easy and simple, while providing excellent work.

Doug Faurer
President, Alpine Property Management Inc.


Head Lamp Polish at High Tone Auto Body

As your vehicle ages so do the plastics that your head lamps are made of. Head lamps are exposed to UV radiation from the sun, magnesium chloride and adverse road conditions. Head lamps fade, yellow and get pitted with time, which can impair visibility and be a safety issue for you. To help improve visibility we offer head lamp polishing. Please come by the shop and see if this is an option for your vehicle and your visibility!