Bear Break-In Car Interior Repair Aspen, CO.

Animal encounters are quite often, and in some cases these encounters sound a bit strange…but this is only a reminder that wildlife acts unpredictably and we should be careful in how we leave our vehicles, and what we leave in them.

Below is a series of photos from a damage done by a small bear that somehow got locked inside a Honda SUV and did considerable damage on the interior. Luckily, nobody was hurt and the bear had left the car by the time its owners returned.

Honda SUV bear brake-in interior damage
Honda SUV with a bear close-encounter
bear feces in vehicle and other damage
Bear left feces in vehicle while trying to get out
Interior roof damaged by bear
Damaged Interior Roofing and Plastic Molding
bear damaged plastic panels in car
Bear tore off most of the interior plastic moldings
Bear broke the sun roof while inside vehicle
Damaged sun roof on Honda SUV during bear brake-in

As you can see from the images, the bear that got stuck in the vehicle did quite a bit of damage.

On the back seat the bear did some damage on the seats themselves, broke off some trimming in the boot area, took off some plastic panels in the passenger area and broke off the sun roof. Also, it marked the vehicle with its poop in the boot area to make things even worse.

The vehicle needed some replacement plastic trimmings, some parts for the sun roof, and a complete interior detailing to get the bad odor out.

Usually, bears get close to vehicles if they smell food. Bears have excellent sense of smell and nothing gets by them. To avoid bear encounters like this one, make sure your vehicle is clean of any kind of food:

  • Don’t leave wrapped/unopened food in the car like candy or crackers, bears can smell them
  • Take the food out of the glove compartment and other storage spaces in your vehicles
  • Make sure there are no larger chunks of food or wrappings of food lying on the floor
  • Remove any used bottles from juices, milk and any other sweet beverages


Cleaning and Detailing Services in Basalt, CO at High Tone Auto Body

Keeping your vehicle clean and protected from the elements will help your vehicle maintain a higher retail value and help prevent larger and more costly repairs down the road. We like to provide you with a sparkling clean vehicle because a clean vehicle makes us all feel better!

With each repair we will do a courtesy safety inspection as well as a basic clean up. Each car is hand washed on the outside and hand wiped clean on the inside, no robotics here… just good old fashion elbow grease!

Please ask for our detailing services pricing menu:

  • Interior vehicle cleaning
  • Engine compartment wipe down and inspection
  • Exterior vehicle cleaning
  • Glass treatment and or window cleaning
  • Head lamp polish
  • Paint protection
  • Surface scratches & tree sap
  • Wheel and tire cleaning

Is your dog your passenger? Do you have nose prints obstructing your view? Do you have dog hair flying around? What about food or candy in between your seats? If this is the case you may need our services for an interior cleaning. Call or stop by today!



Our vehicles are exposed to four different seasons here in Colorado. As a result there are many different environmental factors that can affect your vehicle, for example:

In the Spring and Summer a lot of road maintenance takes place as well as re-striping of lanes on the roadways. If you happen to drive through some freshly painted highway paint or tar, look out for it is almost permanent! If you can remove it as soon as possible the effects can be minimized, however, if you are unable to remove it, come by our shop and we can advise or assist you in getting it off.

In addition, we have pollen, sticky cotton seeds from the cotton wood trees, tree sap dripping onto parked cars and our share of dead bugs colliding with our vehicles as we drive. Though these are naturally occurring events, they can sometimes stain your paint. Without proper and immediate attention they can become difficult to remove without damaging the finish of your vehicle.

In the Fall and Winter when our roads have snow or ice on them, they are generally treated with sand, gravel, or lava rock to enhance our safety. However, these products are very abrasive and can cause the paint to chip and with the added salt and or magnesium chloride used as a de-icer, this can cause your vehicle to rust. It is best to wash or have us wash your vehicle often during times of inclement weather.

Interior vehicle cleaning includes:

  • Console(s)
  • Cubby holes
  • Dash
  • Floors, carpets, floor mats
  • Mirrors
  • Seats
  • Steering wheel & column
  • Door panels
  • Trunk/Cargo area
  • Vents
  • Windows

 Exterior treatment:

  • Chrome/Aluminum
  • Door jambs
  • Glass treatment (Aquapel to shed off rain, sleet and bugs more easily)
  • Head lamps
  • Paint
  • Tires
  • Wheels

Under the hood:

  • Battery inspection & clean up
  • Battery test
  • Basic wipe down of run channels and flat surfaces
  • Inspection for rodent damage
  • Removal of dead leave and debris in engine compartment

Paint Treatment:

  • Buff and glaze
  • Color sand and polish
  • Hand wax
  • Paint touch up




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