Auto Body Repair for Snowmass Village Client

From: Harry T.
Service Used: Auto Body Repair

Shocked! is the best way to describe how I was when I saw the repair work you guys did on my Toyota. It could have not looked better. What you did for what I paid out of pocket, I mean all the little extra stuff you did, was totally unexpected.

No way could I have had a better experience.

Harry Temple III
Snowmass Village, CO

This Snowmass Village owner of a Toyota Camry came in our shop for a quick estimate.  He needed a new right rear tail lamp, the quarter panel needed to be pushed out so that the tail light would fit. Since he was paying for all the repairs from his own pocket our technicians went the extra mile to be as helpful as possible. You probably have heard of situations when a person goes to an auto body repair shop without an insurance claim, and on top of the obvious expenses he gets billed way over what he budgeted for. Not so with High Tone Auto Body.

As Harry from Snowmass said, we did bill for the auto body work but we threw in a ton of extras that made Harry’s visit to High Tone a great experience.  Some of those extras were a clean and shiny car upon his arrival.  His vehicle was hand washed on the exterior and cleaned and vacuumed on the interior.